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Portsmouth Electrician Services conducts rewires of properties around Portsmouth. It involves the replacement of old, corroded and fire-damaged equipment that does not comply with current UK safety regulations, such as cables, fittings, consumer units, etc.

A typical rewire of a 3-bed house takes between one and two weeks depending on what electrical needs the customer has. We take great care if you live on the property. Dust sheets, carpet protectors, and overshoes are used. Every day is vacuumed. To minimize disruption, we will try to keep essential circuits in place.

Rewires typically include the installation of an upgrade bonding conductor and meter tails as well as a residential circuit breaker. Separate circuits are installed for appliances like the domestic boiler, shower and cooker. This makes it easier to diagnose and fix electrical problems faster.

Consumer Units/Fuseboards

The 18th edition of wiring regulations has been in force since January 2019. It requires that the majority of circuits in consumer units be RCD protected. They must also be installed so as to prevent unnecessary tripping. Portsmouth Electrician Services now installs only RCBO consumer unit. It is highly recommended that you replace your fuseboard with one equipped with RCD protection. This will ensure safety and protect connected appliances in the event of an electrical fault. Our electrician will visit your home to discuss additional upgrades to make sure your property is compliant with the current regulations. These include earth bonding your water and domestic gas supply, and making sure that lighting circuits are properly earthed.

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